The National Holiday 10th May 2016
-150 years from Grounding of the Romanian Dynasty-

Tuesday, 10 may 2016, The National Alliance for the Restoration of Monarchy (ANRM) had the 4th Congress in Sinaia.

At this event, that coincided with the celebration of 150 years from the establishment of the Romanian dynasty, important steps we’re made for the unification of the monarchist movement in Romania, but also for establishing collaboration relationships with similar organizations from abroad.
The talks we’re leaded by Mr. Clăudiu Padurean, a journalist from Cluj, decorated by the Royal House with the Medal King Michael I for loyalty in year 2015 and by Mr. Daniel Nicodim, president of the ANRM Organization in Prahova.

Near 150 members and sympathizers of ANRM have participated to the congress and they came from all over the country : Alba, Argeș, Bistrița-Năsăud, Caraș-Severin, Călărași, Cluj, Constanța, Dâmbovița, Hunedoara, Iași, Mehedinți, Neamț, Prahova, Sălaj, Satu Mare, Suceava, Teleorman and București.

We we’re honoured to have by our side 3 representatives from the Asociation for the Serbian Kingdom, that’s under the high patronage of the Crown Prince Alexander the 2nd of Serbia, Mr. Mario Majstorovici, the president of the Alliance, Mr. Andrija Sosic and Mr. Sasa Susic from the leadership of the Serbian orgaization.

In the spirit of the traditional friendship between Serbia and Romania, but also of the special relationship between the Royal Family of Serbia and the Royal Family of Romania, for the strengthening of the collaboration between the Serbian monarchist movement and the Romanian monarchist movement, the agreement between ANRM and the Monarchist Club of Cluj was renewed and also another one was signed with the Monarchist Club of Bistrița.

The new leadership of the association was chosen. Catalin Mihai as executive president, Mircea Miron as general secretary, and the members of the directory council after this congress are Romela Mihaela Costea(Neamț), Romeo Furtună(Teleorman), Valentin Lungu(Cluj), Adalbert Meheș(Maramureș), Noel Negrea(Mehedinți), Dan Nicodim(Prahova), Cristina Romanescu(București), Denissa Voicu(București), Michael Werner(Sălaj), Leonard Viziteu from the Monarchist Club of Cluj, Dr. Tiberiu C. Prodani from the Monarchist Club of Bistrița, Cătălin Șerban, that fulfilled 3 terms as co-president of the association, also decorated from the Royal House with the Medal King Michael I for loyalty in 2015 and president of the Youth Organization, Mr. Tudor Vișan-Miu.

The new Honory Council of the The National Alliance for the Restoration of Monarchy reunites Mr. Prof.Phd. Paul Şerban Agachi, Mr. Adrian Ardelean, Mr. Gabriel Badea-Păun, Maestro Ion Caramitru, Mr.  Prof. univ. dr. Cornel Catoi, Mr. Andrei Dimitriu, Mr. Nicolae Drăguşin, Mr.  Dan Dumitrana, Mr. Laurenţiu Dumitraş, His Holiness Parent Galaction, Bishop of Alexandria and Teleorman, Maestro Dan Grigore, Pianist of the Royal house, Mr. Prof.Phd. Iancu Morar, Mr. Adrian Oroş, Mr.  Theodor Paleologu, Mrs. Oana Pellea, Mrs. Prof. Phd. Monica Pop, Mr. Indrei Raţiu, Maestro Victor Rebengiuc, Mrs. Pamela Roussos-Rațiu, Mrs. Carmen Tănase, Mr. Mircea Emilian Stoica, Mr. Prof.Phd. Daniel Şandru, Mr. Istvan Vakar, Maestro Dorel Vişan.

The Members of The National Alliance for the Restoration of Monarchy participated at the events that the Royal Family of Romania organised in Sinaia. Mr. Cătălin Șerban and miss Claudia Almăjan participated at the Royal Cross around the Peleș Castle. Mr. Cătălin Șerban, Mr. Valentin Lungu, Mr. Michael Werner and Mr. Mario Majstorovici participated at the reception offered by the Royal Family of Romania in the Italian Salon at Peleș Castle.

The congress ended with a new resolution addressed to the Royal Family of Romania that wishes the unification of all Monarchist forces from Romania under the guidance and in the spirit of it.

Happy Birthday, Romania!